Zero Waste Restaurants


Zero waste restaurants are possible by adopting such a mentality of zero waste. This saves the restaurants money and at the same time decreasing wastes going to landfills. For a restaurant to become a zero waste business some precautions have to be taken  into consideration. Here arwe some tips provided by best house clearance company in London.

  1. Reduce your use


Disposable mugs should not be used by your employees instead they can use permanent cups while taking their drinks. Discounts should be offered on customers who bring their own bags containers or cups to the restaurants. Shipping boxes should be taken back by the suppliers for reuse and recycling. The suppliers should also keep you informed about new and existing products packaged in a way that can reduced waste regularly used times should be bought in bulk and even in their concentrated form.

  1. Invest in sustainable packaging

sustainable packaging

The restaurants packaging process should be reviewed to check whether take-out products can be reduced or replaced and the take-out products that are not non-recyclable should be avoided. The number of utensils napkins condiment, etc. given with each order should be limited.

  1. Communicating with employees and customers

This is important since one is able to gather information on how to operate the restaurant more efficiently by recycling the waste produced. In case there are new zero waste implementation policies the customers should be kept aware by placing signs in the store and also by informing them on how they can help in the implementation of the policy.

  1. Getting supplies that are recyclable and also recycling waste

A recycling program should be setup at the restaurant through waste hauler or by the help of the property manager. Setting up a rendering service for grease waste, fat or cooking oil is also another option for managing waste from your restaurant. A recycling bin should be put at the dining area for restaurants that serve canned or bottled beverages for the customers to empty the beverage containers there are buy back centers where the recyclable beverage containers can be taken to be sold from the restaurants. The old staff uniforms can be donated to small shops.

  1. Minimal choices of food offered in the restaurant

A restaurant with has a lot of choices even with some having over 30 choices leads to a lot of waste and also reusing what they have prepared degrades the quality of the food. A restaurant should offer very few daily main courses to choose from for instance 8 daily main choices of food and special throw in. for instance there should be a meat dish always a fish option and  one vegan meal plus plenty of other vegetarian choices. This reduces waste from the restaurants at a larger percentage.

  1. Energy efficiency

Using alternative waste is a better way of wasted energy and improving efficiency. Solar and wind energy are among the major steps to green buildings establishment which are sensitive to environment.

All the above measures should be checked into for a sustainable zero waste restaurants.