Traditional Fish & Chips Recipe

fish and chips

Fish and chips are a widespread meal in many countries around the world like; the UK, the US, and other European countries.

The famous meal origin is English, and it is one of the traditional dishes all over the UK.

The meal is simple and quick to prepare, also you can add some other ingredients such as mixed sauces or cooked vegetables, to make an extra flavor delicious dish.

Today we are going to describe a fast simple way to make a delicious fish and chips meal.

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  • Ingredients:

You will need:

Potato pieces, fish fillets chunks, water, flour, salt, pepper, backing powder, oil, milk, egg, and favorite spices.

* Usually a traditional fish and chips dish made of Cod or Haddock fish, but also you can choose your favorite type of fish as long it can be cut into thick layers of fillets.

* Quantities vary based on the meal size (number of persons).

  • Steps:
  • Put potato pieces into water, leave it for a while (30 min. or so), this will make potato pieces extra crispy when cooked.
  • Put flour, salt, pepper, backing powder into a bowl, then mix them up.
  • Add milk and egg to the mixture, mix them up well until mixture become thick and moist, now you have your batter mixture, keep it in the refrigerator until you finish cooking the chips.
  • Lift potato pieces from water, heat the oil well, and dip the pieces into the oil pan, cook for a 5 minutes until the color become golden, and then lift them out, put them on a plat covered by a paper towel to absorb oil remaining.
  • Bring the fish chunks, pat them into dry flour, then pour into the batter mixture until become covered with the mixture, and dip it carefully into the heated oil.
  • It will take 5-10 min. maximum to cook the fish, lift the fish out when the color changed into golden color.
  • Season cooked fish and chips with salt and your favorite spices.
  • Now you have your favorite dish of fish and chips cooked and ready to be served.
  • Additional ingredients for extra flavor:
  • You can add some lemon, carrots, and cucumber slices to the dish, as some appetizers.
  • Mix some cooked peas, ground mint, and some spices into a small bowl, then smash them with a wooden spoon, and you`ll have another good flavor to your main dish.
  • You can add some tahini, ketchup, or tarter sauces for extra flavor to your favorite meal.