How to start a fish & chips shop

fish and chips shop

So you are looking to set off on the joyride of owning your own business?  It can be quite a thrill to be your own boss and not have to answer to “the man”.  And you’ve decided to run a fish and chips shop?  It sounds like a grand idea, after all fish and chips leads the country in takeaway dinning. But there are still things to consider.

As usual in any business venture it is all about location.  You need to find the right location to set up that is convenient to get to, has a good flow of people and is somewhere people will feel safe and want to go withfish and chips their families.  But even when you find the magically perfect spot, there are still some other things to consider.  Who is your competition in that location?  Will you be opening next to a well-loved Chinese place?  Are there a ton of other eateries around?

Let’s suppose you found your dream spot and it has no real competition.  Now you can start looking to open up your shop, but how will you stand out?  You don’t want to be just another fish and chips shop!  You want your shop to be the one people want to go to, not just stop by for a quick bite.  Of course you’ll keep your shop spotless, provide great service and amazing food, but you will still need to find that additional hook to make your spot stand out from the crowd.

One more thing to consider.  If you are getting into this business because you just love to cook fish and chips, you will need a partner.  Going into this or most any business is mostly about running a business.  You will have to keep your books, make sure that any licenses and inspections stay up to date, order supplies, ensure the place is clean, fix anything that breaks and be sure to pay your bills.  All of that doesn’t even cover making your food.  While teaming up might lead to less profits, it may help keep your sanity.

Make sure that you understand what the venture is going to cost you both in terms of money and in time doing paperwork and keeping up with your books.  Then think over if the amount of effort that you will need to put in and make the choice if this is the right pick for you.  Sometimes not working for “the man” isn’t worth you becoming the man.