Zero Waste Restaurants

Zero waste restaurants are possible by adopting such a mentality of zero waste. This saves the restaurants money and at the same time decreasing wastes going to landfills. For a restaurant to become a zero waste business some precautions have to be taken  into consideration. Here arwe some tips provided by best house clearance company in London. Continue reading “Zero Waste Restaurants”

How to start a fish & chips shop

So you are looking to set off on the joyride of owning your own business?  It can be quite a thrill to be your own boss and not have to answer to “the man”.  And you’ve decided to run a fish and chips shop?  It sounds like a grand idea, after all fish and chips leads the country in takeaway dinning. But there are still things to consider.

As usual in any business venture it is all about location.  You need to find the right location to set up that is convenient to get to, has a good flow of people and is somewhere people will feel safe and want to go withfish and chips their families.  Continue reading “How to start a fish & chips shop”

Britain’s top 10 fish and chip shops revealed

Everyone loves some good fish and chips!  And most every shop keeper would tell you that theirs where the best.  But that then leaves the question, who’s truly are the best?  Can it even be determined? A group called Seafish has set out to find the best Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year award.

Before I tell you who are the 10 finalists, let’s take a look at what it takes just to get here.  Continue reading “Britain’s top 10 fish and chip shops revealed”